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Solutions for complex components

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Beyond Precision Manufacturing utilizes robust machining and cutting tool technology to manufacture medical devices and provide enhanced services for our customers and partners. Our expertise and in-house capabilities in
5-axis milling, Swiss turning , precision grinding, custom cutting tooling, and application of PVD coatings, enables us to provide extraordinary lead times that are cost effective . We strive to deliver a quick project turn around that delivers prototypes in a short period of time.

Our expertise in Medical Device Manufacturing can deliver fully validated processes for ongoing production after the prototype phase. From development we can assist in maximizing product realization that machines complete parts in the least number of operations to ensure consistence and accuracy throughout the build process. Our technical expertise is enhanced with our more than 20 years of lean manufacturing knowledge to provide a robust and dependable customer experience.
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Beyond Precision Manufacturing’s in-house customized tooling technology enhances our machining and grinding capabilities that result in a higher level of precision throughout the manufacturing process. These enhanced capabilities result on consistent quality and lead time dependability needed in the Aerospace Industry.

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Beyond Precision Manufacturing’s capabilities include the design and fabrication of customized tooling that enables our in-house machining and grinding capacity. This integral capability allows us to offer our customers a more cost effective production for their components.

Aside from our machining and grinding capabilities we are also able to offer PVD coatings for increased wear capabilities and longer life.