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Equipment List

Walter - Whelitronic Mini Automation

5-axis CNC automation tool grinding machine

Walter - Helitronic Essential

5-axis CNC tool grinding machine

Star - SR-20 JII-A/B

Type A/B CNC Swiss-type Automatic Lathe

Haas - VF3

5-axis CNC Mill

Haas - ST-20

3-axis CNC Lathe

Haas - ST-30

3-axis CNC Lathe

Oerlikon Balzers- Metaplas.Domino

Arc, Sputter, HiPIMS, HI3, Nitriding, DLC, ta-C Coatings

TYKMA Electrox - Minilase

Fiber Laser Marking

Mitutoyo - PH-A14

Horizontal Profile Projector with KA Counter

Bridgeport - Series II Head

Manual Vertical Mill

Haas - TL-1 Tool Room

2-axis CNC Lathe

Cincinnati - No.2

Cutter & Tool Grinder

Cincinnati - Monoset

8-axis Tool Grinder

Chevalier - FSG-612

Surface Grinder

Rushmachinery - FC-350W

Turning & Dressing

Bel Air Finishing - DF-2000T

Finishing Machine